The terms and conditions for customers returning The Saheeh Kurma products are as follow:


1. Reasons for return/refund

Customers can return products for the following reasons:

  • Did not receive the order (e.g. parcel lost in transit)
  • Received an incomplete product (e.g. missing parts of product, missing products from order)
  • Received the wrong product(s) (e.g. wrong size/type of dates, different product)
  • Received a product with physical damage (e.g. bad dates, cracks on container)


The Saheeh Kurma may raise a dispute if we do not agree with the reason for return/refund. In such cases, our management team will further investigate the case and provide a fair resolution based on evidence provided by customers.


2. Evidence submission

Cutomers must submit a valid and sound photo and/or video evidence that clearly supports the reason for the return/refund, where applicable. Some examples include: 

  • Photos and/or videos showing product errors or defects (for damaged/faulty products) 
  • Photos of parcel’s internal and external packaging


We may request for further supporting documents if:

  • Submitted evidence is not of acceptable quality. Clear, high quality evidence must be provided. Evidence that does not support the customer’s claim will be rejected.
  • Our dispute towards the case and evidence is required for further investigation.


3. Return of products 

Customers should ensure that returned products are properly packed to avoid damage during shipment to the return address.

Buyers should prepare the following supporting documents in case there is a need to dispute our rejection of the return product(s):

  • Official proof of shipment with information such as delivery service, receipt number, sender/recipient names, contact number, and shipping address.
  • Other evidence that shows an agreement was reached (especially if the customer is returning using a non-traceable mailing option).


4. Return Postage

We may cover the return postage up to a certain limit, depending on the nature of your return/refund.

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