Assalamu'alaikum and welcome to The Saheeh Kurma!

We are pretty sure that you are here from Al Khaadem, our favourite charity organisation who has impacted our lives in many ways and we hope it impacted yours too.

Since Ramadan is just around the corner, we would like to present a gift to you, a 10% DISCOUNT VOUCHER as an appreciation to you for supporting our beloved Al Khaadem.



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Discount voucher terms and conditions:

  1. You must register/log in to use the discount voucher
  2. Applicable to all types of dates except for Sweet Sukkary, Sugoi Suq'aie and all bundle sets
  3. Can only be used once (one time purchase)
  4. Expires 2nd April 2022

How to use The Saheeh Kurma discount voucher*:

  1. Register your account at https://shop.thesaheeh.co/account/register
  2. Add product (of selected dates) to cart
  3. Go to checkout
  4. Enter discount voucher code AKRAMADAN10 and click Apply
  5. Enjoy your 10% discount

Once again, jazakumullaahu khayraa for your support towards to Al Khaadem and we pray that Allaah bless you and your family always. Aminnn.

*If you have any issues in using the discount voucher, please contact The Saheeh Kurma customer service via customer@thesaheeh.co or call/WhatsApp 010-6501034.

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